Girls Inc. started as the Schenectady Girls Club. The year was 1937. Margaret Mitchell won the Pulitzer Prize in Letters for Gone With the Wind. Nylon was invented. Amelia Earhart and her co-pilot disappeared over the Pacific Ocean. Franklin Delano Roosevelt occupied the White House. Early Girls Club programming prepared girls for a future as wives and mothers or was simply recreational.

In 1945, Girls Clubs of America was formed in Springfield, Massachusetts. During the 1970’s, our leaders worked to increase knowledge about girls by researching their development. Realizing most girls would work much of their lives for pay, career choices became important. By the 1980’s, programs zeroed in on matters effectively addressed in a single-sex environment such as preventing adolescent pregnancy, science and technology exploration, sports and adventure teamwork, peer leadership, culture and heritage awareness, and career development. In 1990, affiliates across the nation voted to change our name to Girls Incorporated, which better reflected our organization’s emphasis on education.

Our research-based programs have a single-sex focus and are planned for and by girls. Objectives include measurable outcomes.

Girls Inc. has a professional staff and knowledgeable volunteers. Services are delivered to schools and community organizations throughout the Capital Region. School-year programming is based at our main centers in Schenectady, NY and in Albany, NY. In the summer months, we offer the Summer Fun program in Albany and Schenectady as well.

Girls Inc. of the Capital Region impacted over 25,000 youth in 2005. Initiatives for the future include launching more cooperative projects with schools and establishing collaborative ventures with other community organizations and businesses.

We are different!

The mission of Girls Inc. focuses on inspiring all girls to be strong, smart and bold. We believe empowered girls develop into women who can take their places in society and can make their places in society.

No fees are charged to girls for membership, or for school year programs.

Our research-based programs include:

Career Exploration

Fee For Service Programs


Operation SMART

Girls Get the Message

Project BOLD

Healthy Sexuality

She’s on the Money

Summer Fun

Sporting Chance

The Out of Bounds Adventure