Fee For Service Programs

Growing Together: A Mother-Daughter Workshop

Parents are the primary sexuality educators of their children. Even though our children may learn a lot in school, from religious leaders, from their friends, or in programs like this one, parents and guardians are the most effective at communicating values about sex and sexual behavior to girls.

Growing Together will help parents talk to their daughters about sexuality, including puberty, reproductive health, and sexual behavior. The skills parents learn and practice in this workshop series will help make talking about sexuality easier. Starting conversations and answering questions about sexuality are skills that parents can learn and develop.

Reaching Together: A Mother-Daughter Workshop

Girls Inc. believes that the mother-daughter relationship is of prime importance to the healthy development of girls because mothers are such influential role models for their daughters. We also recognize that there are serious challenges in growing from girlhood to womanhood.

The purpose of Reaching Together is to enhance communication and listening skills for mothers and daughters participating in the workshop by using activities and questions related to economic literacy, goal setting, and planning for the future as foundation topics. This is a five-hour workshop.

“Since we were in this workshop, one of the things that I noticed is how ambitious she is. She’s talked a lot more to me about goals and career choices than she had previously. I wasn’t really aware that it is a subject we hadn’t discussed that much.” – Mother

Healthy Girls: A Body Image Workshop

One of the greatest challenges facing young women in the transition from childhood to adulthood is their changing relationship with their bodies. Advertising, in particular, is one of the most potent messengers in a culture that can be toxic for girls’ self-esteem. Marketers often target youth by defining beauty and popularity as being synonymous with weight, certain clothes and the use of particular products.

Healthy Girls will assist girls in exploring their changing bodies and help to prevent and reduce the influence of risk factors that diminish body esteem, well-being and health regardless of body shape or size. The program takes into account the full spectrum of body image including eating, nutrition, puberty, media messages and weight concerns.

Action for Safety

Girls are entitled to feel safe as they go through life and should feel safe in their homes, school, and communities. Yet violence enters the lives of girls and young women on a daily basis, giving many girls the message that violence is normal and acceptable. Girls especially experience gender-based violence including physical and sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and dating violence.

Girls and young women deserve program opportunities that equip them to avoid, reduce, and cope with the violence around them, allow them to analyze the causes and effects of violence and expand their individual skills and strategies for defending themselves.

Objectives of Action for Safety include learning self-defense skills to use in response to a variety of physical attacks; distinguishing between an irritating or insulting situation and dangerous one, and determine the appropriate responses to each; and, exploring options such as running away and enlisting the help of others.

Many of these programs can be adjusted to accommodate the needs of your organization/group.

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