Girls Inc. Adventure Course

 “At Girls Inc., we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We believe in the importance of strengthening our Girls Inc. family. This strength comes from team work, communication, positive morale & fun! After experiencing the Adventure Course as a team, we over came our group & individual challenges and came out the other side as a stronger Girls Inc. family. We invite you to challenge yourself and your team! -Ashley Jeffrey Bouck

The Girls Inc. Adventure Course is designed to help other organizations and businesses improve teamwork, goal setting, communication, problem solving, creativity, leadership and team morale. The Adventure Course instructional team is made up of Girls Inc. staff who have all participated in professional adventure course training.

The Girls Inc. Adventure Course includes non-traditional warm ups, group games, activities on high and low elements, buy generic valtrex cheap activities to build trust and creative thinking skills. Graduates tell us they have gained insight and confidence as a result of the program.

Girls Inc. Adventure Course Packages:

Each of the packages below can be customized to meet the needs of your group. Our trained Girls Inc. Staff will develop a challenging workshop that will help each member of the group meet his/her goals. The package that you select and your answers on our questionnaire, will determine the types of activities & challenges that your group will participate in. All of the activities focus on teambuilding, or individual challenges, problem solving, trust building and communication.

*Low Elements: Un-belayed group activity

*High Elements: Belayed (Individual or paired) activity on ropes course


SMART Package

Option 1: Includes up to 4 hours of activities on our low element challenge course (up to 20 people)

Option 2: Includes up to 8 hours of activities on our low element challenge course (30-40 people)


STRONG Package:

This package includes up to 4 hours of activities on our high element challenge course. (up to 20 people)


BOLD Package:

Option 1: Includes up to 2 hours on our high element course & 2 hours on our low element course. (up to 20 people)

Option 2: Includes up to 4 hours on our high element course & 4 hours on our low element course (30-40 people)

Adventure Course Goals Questionnaire


Are you interested in learning more about our Adventure Course for you Organization, School or Company?Please contact Kerry Gribbon, Grant Development and Partnerships Manager, for more information (518)374-9800 ext. 225 or [email protected]

Girls Inc. Staff: Challenge Training:

Adventure Course with the Girls Inc. Members