Sporting Chance

Program Description:

Sporting ChanceSM builds movement and athletic skills, cooperative and competitive spirit, health awareness and interest in all sports as girls explore career opportunities related to sports and experience the benefits of healthy risk-taking. The program lays the foundation for a lifetime of sports skills. Although the number of female athletes is growing, too many girls still sit on the sidelines watching the boys slam dunk or sprint toward the finish line. As spectators, they don’t have as much fun and they miss the chance to develop skills that will help them succeed and habits that can keep them healthy:


(For girls ages 6-8): The program develops motor skills that get girls running, jumping, leaping, twisting, bending, and balancing as they utilize a variety of sports and movement-related equipment, including jump ropes, balls, scooters, bats, bowling pins, nets, hoops, and scoops. Girls begin to move more confidently and skillfully, get used to structured physical activity, learn about the positive connection between physical activity and health-related fitness, and accept sport as a legitimate activity for girls and women. The movement skills that girls develop in Steppingstones may later apply to formal movement in a variety of games, sports, dance, and fitness activities.


(For girls ages 9-11): The curriculum picks up where Steppingstones leaves off, enhancing girl’s motor skills while introducing them to the world of organized sports. Girls focus on four areas: softball (throwing, catching and striking); soccer (kicking and agility); basketball (shooting and teamwork); and tennis (striking and individual competence). Girls experience a team sport while playing in recreational groups, a sport which emphasizes cardiovascular fitness, a team sport played on a court, and an individual sport. By participating in 15 hours of programming, girls learn the concept of offense and defense and gain team work purchase generic valtrex online experience. Girls also begin to consider the educational and career opportunities available through sports by learning about successful women athletes.

Girls enCourage(R)

(For girls ages 12 to 14): This program is designed to sustain girls’ interest in sports through adolescence by introducing them to nontraditional activities and adventures that go beyond stereotypes and challenge them to set their own personal goals and create their own definitions of success. Participation in program activities promotes movement skills, team cohesion, and health awareness to develop girls’ sense of personal power and worth. As they master new physical techniques and learn to take calculated risks, girls build not only physical strength, but also courage, confidence, self-reliance, and other critical life skills.


Relevant Facts:

High school girls who play sports are less likely than girls who don’t play sports to become pregnant. This is true for black, Hispanic and white girls.
In a national study, one in four high school young women reported ever having been physically or sexually abused.

Adolescent girls who exercise regularly can reduce their risk for obesity, coronary heart disease and osteoporosis.

Girls who participate in sports are more likely to delay first intercourse, have fewer sex partners and a lower frequency of intercourse, are more likely to use condoms, less likely to carry a weapon to school, less likely to drop out of school, more likely to attend college and less likely to try marijuana.

“Girls are more afraid. It’s in our self-esteem, everybody thinks we can’t do anything because the boys are always bigger… Girls need self-esteem classes more than anything else.”

-April Armstrong, 11, Girls Inc. of Kingsport, TN

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*Statistics gathered by Girls Incorporated National Resource Center, 441 West Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN