The Out of Bounds Adventure

“To believe it is to experience it”

The Out of Bounds Adventure program is designed to help other organizations and businesses improve teamwork, goal setting, communication, problem solving, creativity, leadership and team morale. The Out of Bounds instructional team is led by certified trainers. There is an indoor challenge course at Girls Incorporated in Schenectady.

The Out of Bounds Adventure program includes non-traditional warm ups, group games, courses on high and low ropes, buy generic valtrex cheap activities to build trust and creative thinking skills, and training for beginning facilitators. Graduates tell us they have gained insight and confidence as a result of the program.

Team training days may be scheduled throughout the year.  Contact Kerry Gribbon, Grant Development and Partnerships Manager, for more information (518)374-9800 ext. 225 or [email protected]


“I was so scared, but I knew the group had me.”

-teen participant