Strong Smart and Bold Institute

Girls Incorporated of the Greater Capital Region presents

 The Strong, Smart and Bold Institute

In 2017, the Strong, Smart and Bold Institute will launch, featuring the Academic Year Series Full-Day Workshop on multiple college campuses in the Fall. This will be followed by an expansion of the Academic Series in the Spring 2018, a one-week summer college immersion experience, and an overnight college experience (fall). The Institute will be open to young women in 8th -12th grades throughout the Greater Capital Region. This fee-based program is designed to offer young women a unique experience designed to enhance their college and career exploration, increase the skills and development of participants and to provide college campus experiences uniquely-tailored to young women. A description of each component and further information can be found below:

Strong, Smart & Bold Institute Academic Year Series
On Saturdays, Girls Inc. will offer 8th -12th grade girls the opportunity to experience college life through structured day-long programs. At each full-day workshop, Girls Inc. will showcase a different college partner, hosting the event on that campus and highlighting key programs for that college. The second half of the day will include Girls Inc. research-driven programming to focus on areas such as career, leadership and life skills development. Each session will feature campus tours, dining on campus and opportunities to meet current students, professors, admissions and financial aid staff.

? Refer-A-Friend and sibling discounts will also be provided.
? Scholarships will be available based upon household income, geography, and/or other guidelines set forth by donors and sponsors.

Siena College

Summer College Immersion Experience
Following the academic year series of the Institute, Girls Inc. will offer a full day, weeklong summer experience. The summer experience will offer five full days on the campuses of our college partners, providing girls with another level of immersion in the college experience. Each day will follow the same format as the academic year series, offering college-based workshops in the morning and Girls Inc. workshops and activities in the afternoon.

? Girls Inc. will provide transportation to/from a designated drop off and pick up location for participants.
? College partners will also be asked to highlight different programs from the academic year in the summer experience.
? The last day of the summer experience will feature a College Road Trip to a college outside of the local area, perhaps a women’s college. The day-long session will follow a similar format but be hosted on a campus outside of our region to provide that experience to participants.
? This will be open to girls who participated in the academic year series. For young women who participate in the entire academic year series (all five sessions), there will be a registration fee waiver and discount on their summer experience enrollment fee.
? Refer-A-Friend and sibling discounts will also be provided.
? Scholarships will be available based upon household income, geography, and/or other guidelines set forth by donors and sponsors.

Fall College Overnight Experience
For participants in our summer experience, who are in 11th or 12th grade, Girls Inc. will provide a free, college overnight on a Friday night in the fall. The workshop will be held on the campus of one of our college partners and will offer yet another opportunity for young women to further develop their skills and/or refine their college plans as they move forward toward college. The host college will offer an interactive experience to provide opportunity for participants to interact with current college students in different activities.

? College departments such as Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Life/Affairs, Counseling Center, Career Center and college trustees may present on a variety of workshop topics that would help to inform participants about the college experience.
? Workshop ideas include: Dining Etiquette, Networking, How to Write a College Application Essay, Navigating Financial Aid & Scholarships, Living Away From Home 101, Budgeting/Managing First Credit Card/Safe Identity
? The program will begin later in the day and lead into dinner, evening activities, including a matching of participants to current students, and an overnight on campus. The program would resume with breakfast, two interactive workshops in the morning and closing remarks/evaluations.
? This program would only be open to and offered to summer experience participants.

For more information contact Ashley Jeffrey Bouck at [email protected] or (518) 374-9800 ext 231