The research department, based at the Girls Incorporated National Resource Center in Indianapolis, Indiana conducts, commissions and synthesizes research about girls and young women in the United States. Our research is the foundation for Girls Inc. program development and advocacy. The National Resource Center provides information to educators and practitioners, parents and policy makers, girls and young women. We use our extensive buy valacyclovir 1000 mg library and high speed access to resources on the web to produce fact sheets, resource lists and recommended web sites on topics affecting the lives of girls and young women.

Our research-based programs include:

Career Exploration

Fee For Service Programs


Operation SMARTSM

Girls Get the MessageSM

Project BOLD

Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy

She’s on the MoneySM

Registration Forms

Summer Fun

Sporting ChanceSM

The Out of Bounds Adventure

Youth Expressions Theatre® (YET)®