Capital Region to host Eureka!® interns

Approximately 50 local girls in grades 10 and 11 will be immersed in 4-week internships at businesses and organizations in the Capital Region this summer. It’s all part of the SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering’s free, five-year STEM-based Eureka!® program with Girls Inc. which feeds girls’ STEM-based interests in preparation for post-secondary studies in these career fields.

One activity is required each month during the school year to remain active in the Eureka! program. Some of those activities have included a SEFCU headquarters tour and assisting with MiSci’s children’s programs and butterfly house. Girls explored physics by putting their knowledge into motion at Albany’s Flight Trampoline Park, and delved into computer science with coding workshops.

College tours are also part of the Eureka! program and after visits to RPI and Siena, SUNY student volunteers prepared a girls’ day event. More college tours are planned, as well as a visit to the Latham orthodontics practice of Dr. Robin Lozman.

About 70 girls comprise the program’s three cohorts. More than 30 have applied for cohort four.

227Last summer, these girls from the first Eureka! cohort completed their first of 3 four-week internships as part of the FREE, five-year Eureka! program. This summer, both the first and second cohorts, about 50 girls, will be interning at STEM-related placements in the Capital Region as they prepare for college and STEM careers.