Girls Inc. Eureka! at UAlbany

Girls Inc. Eureka! is a free and unique five year program that provides girls with a gentle introduction to STEM, personal development, sports, mentorship, career exploration. Girls commit to the program for five years, preparing them for the next step in their education after high school. Please see below for the breakdown of each Eureka! summer and school year.


  • Engages girls in informal STEM education through hands-on activities and field trips.
  • Places girls on a college campus to reinforce the importance of higher education.
  • Plays an important role in the “cradle to career” education pipeline in NYS and the Capital Region workforce.
  • Ensures girls are exposed to STEM careers with strong female mentors.
  • Emphasizes the strengths and needs of young women.
  • Develops girls using the “whole girl” approach, which focuses on STEM, personal development and sports.
  • Provides girls with college and job readiness workshops
  • Engages community representatives of local businesses, organizations and colleges.

Apply to Eureka!:

If you are interested in applying to the Eureka! program, please complete and submit the application. If you have any questions about applying to the Eureka! program, please feel free to contact the Eureka! manager at [email protected] 

Eureka! Internships:

We are excited to be entering our fifth year of internships with our Eureka! girls. Please consider sponsoring and/or hosting an intern this summer. Please click below to download more information.

The First and Second Summers

Eureka! girls will experience a four-week summer camp at University at Albany, engaging in STEM, & personal development. They will also participate in regular group sports, individual sports, and swimming. Girls who do not know how to swim will have the opportunity to learn. Each week will end with a STEM-focused field trip.

The Third and Fourth Summers:

Eureka! girls will participate in the Eureka! Internship Program. The Eureka! manager will place each Eureka! girl in an internship based on her interests. The interests will be compiled from a completed application and an interview. Internships are developed with local businesses and organizations. The Eureka! Internship Program is tailored to suit the individual needs and strengths of each student. Upon the completion of the summer and school year requirements, each intern will receive a $500 stipend.

The Fifth Summer:

Girls are responsible for securing their own internship, job, or summer program, with the assistance of the Eureka! Manager.

 Internship Transportation:

Girls are responsible for their own transportation to and from their internship site. However, girls will be provided with a summer bus pass if needed. CDTA has been a great supporter of this program by providing a training day on how to utilize the public transportation system in Albany and Schenectady and by donating half of the bus passes.

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Eureka! girls are required to participate in Eureka! events throughout the school year. During the first two school years, participants must earn a minimum of 10 credits to remain in the program. During the third, fourth, and fifth school years, participants much earn a minimum of 5 credits to remain in the program. Eureka! girls can earn credits through a variety of opportunities:

  • Weeknight meetings held at Girls Inc. Sites organized by Eureka! staff
  • Weekend field trips and/or activities organized by Eureka! staff
  • Volunteer opportunities in the community
  • Credit submission for extracurricular school activities (available for first two school years only)
  • Eureka! homework assignment (available for first two school years only)
  • Participating in organized community activities with the group

QUESTIONS? Please call Kelly Mucci, Eureka! Manager at 374-9800 ext. 223 or email [email protected]