Fee For Service Programs

Girls Inc. staff is trained to facilitate one day workshops or multi-day programming. Many of our programs can be adjusted to accommodate the needs & interest of your organization/ group.

For more information please contact our  Kerry Gribbon, Director of Grants and Partnerships, 518-374-9800 ext. 225 or [email protected]


Examples of Workshops & Programming:

Project Bold:

Be BOLD (for girls ages 6 to 8)

This program builds girls’ skills and personal power for avoiding or dealing with hurtful or dangerous situations and assists them in identifying resources that contribute to their safety. Parents have a key roles in support girls throughout the program. (group size 12 to 15)

Action for Safety (for girls ages 9 to 11)

This program focuses on negotiation, assertiveness, and self-defense skills. It facilitates open and honest discussions to increase girls’ understanding about interpersonal violence as well as encourage, support, and lessen the fear and isolation of girls experiencing violence. (group size: 12-15)

Living Safe & Strong (for girls ages 12 to 14)

Designed as a follow up program, this continues the discussion of gender violence issues, reinforces and provides additional safety strategies and self-defense skills for teen girls, and introduces them to community experts and resources Girls also develop and conduct community action projects addressing violence issues important to them. (group size: 12-15)

Healthy Sexuality:

Growing Together (for girls ages 9 to 11 and parents/adults)

Interactive sessions jump-start crucial two-way conversations between girls and trusted adults about sexuality issues, opening doors to future communication. Key topic include the role of parents as primary sexuality educators; changes during puberty; anatomy, physiology, and hygiene; adolescent sexual development and feelings; values and those related to sexual behavior.


Other Possible Topics:

Body Positivity, Media Literacy, Healthy Sexuality, Team Building, Leadership Skills, Conflict Resolution.