Staff Spotlight: Julianna Obie, Manager – Albany site

One could almost say Juli’s everywhere!


Aside from her weekday job as Albany’s site manager, Schenectady resident Julianna Obie works most weekends for Equinox, an Albany non-profit that provides human services in Albany county. In its domestic violence shelter, Juli helps adults relocate and find resources for themselves and their children. She also helps in the teen outreach center, where she engages and builds relationships with urban teens in need of support and guidance. 

For “Curvention,” a curvy women’s annual fashion show held locally, Juli secures hundreds of donations of stylish clothing in curvy women’s sizes, which she says aren’t easy to find. “It’s all about positive body image, female empowerment, and trying to break the stereotypes that larger women are given,” says Obie, who has since started her own image and styling company for curvy women which she calls Demi O. Her mission is to thwart the misconceptions about curvy women and help them increase their self-confidence.

And there’s more! Juli works with R.A.P.I.D., a book club that coordinates community events and raises funds for domestic violence awareness. 

A member of the Girls Inc. staff for 15 years, Juli is a graduate of Schenectady High School, and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Sciences from SUNY Albany, where she majored in communications and rhetoric.