…And he’s doing it AGAIN!

The often grueling 420 mile bike trek from Buffalo to Albany, NY begins July 12. Board member and STRONG Girls Inc. advocate John Reschovsky will peddle it again. CHEER HIM ON with your gifts and pledges to Girls Inc. – Here’s HOW!

As some may know, John Reschovsky cycled from Buffalo to Albany last summer as a participant in the annual Parks & Trails New York, Erie Canal Bike Tour.  He shared with us what it was that kept him going over this very challenging exhausting trek.  It was a simple promise!

John promised Girls Inc. of the Greater Capitol Region that he would make a donation for every mile he managed to ride.  And as it turned out, he logged 413 miles over the eight day ride.  When the going got really tough (and it did), he thought about our mission to inspire all girls to be STRONG, SMART and BOLD, and he, too, was inspired to push on.

As a Board member over the past several years, John has seen first hand just how Girls Inc. changes the lives of young girls, many of whom come from  the most economically challenged neighborhoods in our region. We are honored that John has decided to take on the Erie Canal once again, during the annual tour on the week of July 12.  This year, John is asking you to join his challenge.

Here’s how…no bicycle necessary!

1.      First, take a few minutes and watch this incredible video about Girls Inc. on YouTube

2.    Then, consider making a pledge of just a few nickels, dimes, quarters or dollars for each mile John will log on his bike odometer.

3.    Please send an email to Girls Inc. Development Coordinator Jamaica Miles at [email protected] with the following information:


I pledge $_________for each mile that John logs on the tour (420 miles max)

John will keep you posted on his progress with daily updates during the ride and provide you with the actual mileage at the end.

And one more incentive.  A generous donor has promised that she will MATCH your pledge (up to a cumulative total of $10.00 per mile) if pledged before June 30th.  So if you act now, you will DOUBLE your support for Girls Inc.!

Thank you so, so much for supporting Girls Inc. and offering your inspiration as John treks across New York State for the girls of the Capital Region.