Girls Night Out: Girls of the Year

In May, before programming comes to an end for the school year, both of our Girls Inc. sites experience the thoughtful practice of choosing a Girl of the Year and a Most Improved member. At the annual event we call “Girls’ Night Out,” each site gathers all of its members and their families for a pot luck supper and award presentations. Schenectady’s event was held Tuesday, May 10 and Albany’s took place Wednesday, May 11.


A Girls Inc. member for the past 3 years, Angelica, 12, is Schenectady’s 2016 Girl of the Year. During her time here she’s stood apart from many of the other girls because of her ability to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves, and for her confidence in who she is as a person. She isn’t easily swayed into doing something she shouldn’t, she voices her opinions well, and is an overall great person. Angelica was a victim of bullying in the past, which caused her a great deal of pain. But she has worked through it and found strength from it – the strength to stand up for herself and for others.


WyianaGuzman-cropped 2Albany

A powerhouse since becoming a member at our Albany center 2 years ago is Wyiana, 13. She is a personable, charming young lady who at this young age, exemplifies a true leader and is Albany’s 2016 Girl of the Year. While her peers succumb to the numerous pressures facing young teens today, Wyiana continuously holds strong to her morals and stands up for what she believes in. is a shining example of what a young lady should be.

Being involved and staying busy is something she says is very important. She takes what she learns as a player on her school’s softball team and applies it to her everyday life.  At Girls Inc. you will often find her helping at the front desk, leading a team during a fundraiser, or offering other girls support and guidance when needed. In her Girls Inc. Funds for the Future program, she has taken the lead with coordinating and executing fundraisers that have helped the class raise enough money to go to Washington DC.

Wyiana keenly recognizes when the staff needs help with all the girls and immediately steps in to help. She continuously and selflessly contributes to the greater good of those around her. Starting out as a quiet girl who kept to herself, Wyiana has since blossomed into a young leader who is sweet, outspoken, determined, and embodies the spirit of Strong, Smart, and Bold.