A Letter to our Capital Region Girls Inc. Community

To our Girls Inc. Friends, Families, Supporters, and Partners:

We are heartbroken. We are heartbroken for George Floyd and his family, and for people of color all across this country – and the world – who have been scarred by racism. We are horrified and angered by the racial injustice and inequality that remains prevalent in our society. It’s easy to feel helpless during a time when fear, rage, and grief can undermine our ability to enact lasting change.

But we feel hopeful and empowered – particularly by young people – rising up in peaceful protest and using their voices to say “enough.” We are reminded that the work we do every day at Girls Inc. is a vehicle for change, as we mentor and inspire girls to share their own voices with the world and be heard. We believe girls are powerful and we remain focused on helping them stand up for what they believe in and become role models in their schools and communities.

We stand beside our girls in helping them establish a vital foundation for healthy habits – learning to value themselves and make positive choices – ensuring they grow up and remain strong. We are resolute in ensuring girls develop the skills and mindsets needed to overcome serious challenges, debate charged situations, and to set and achieve their goals. We work hard to address the systematic barriers that hold girls back and give them the tools for civic engagement. The programming we provide builds safe spaces and fosters long-term mentoring relationships for girls to develop their strengths, learn lasting skills, and take charge of their futures. From healthy decision-making and critical thinking to perseverance and leadership, we advance and invest in their success.

The girls we serve need to grow up believing the world can be changed and that they are influencers of that change. Recent events force us to face the harsh and uncomfortable reality that we still do not live in an equitable world. But every day is an opportunity to create one by empowering and educating the generations who will follow us.

Ashli Fragomeni
Executive Director
Girls Inc. of the Greater Capital Region