Leadership and Community Action

Leadership and Community Action


Discovery (for girls ages 9 to 11) engages girls in partnership with both formal and informal women leaders in their communities to celebrate their heritage as leader, develop and practice leadership and advocacy skills, and construct community action projects. Girls get to make decisions and take responsibility for and initiate projects in collaboration with experienced women. Together, the girls and women discover their own leadership skills through hands-on activities.

In Our Hands (for girls ages 12 to 14) engages girls in celebrating their own heritage, investigating right and responsibilities, practicing leadership skills, and tackling issues of concern. Girls deepen their understanding of girls and women as social change agents and of leadership as collective http://www.honeytraveler.com/pharmacy/ process grounded in belonging to, and having responsibility for, one’s community. The first phase of the program focuses on strengthening girls’ skills and their knowledge of the appreciation for female leadership  in the context of community. During the second phase, facilitators draw upon several activity toolboxes and women from the community as resources to continue building girls’ leadership skills. Girls go through a problem assessment process that helps them learn about a community issue, and then develop and conduct a community action project with the support of women partners.

Girls Inc. She Votes  is a non partisan initiative that teaches girls of all ages about civic engagement and the democratic process. Click She Votes.

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